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                                                           Xoloitzcuintle ans Perro sin Pelo del Peru.

I have been successfully breeding and for years,

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We have puppies.

                                     - Xoloitzcuintle Conformation breeding -


                                       Enjoy your visit at qurra-tul-ain.com

                            Qurra tul ain (arab.), "Joy and tranquility tot he eye"


                                                    Ute Schörnig


                                      I breed since 01.01.2017


             - Deutschen Hundestammbuch - Vereinigte Rassehundezüchter -

                                                         VRZ e.V.

                                               (Kennelclub) under UCI.








         My membership in VDH finished on 31.12.2016.



   I breed continuously according to FCI-Standard in Germany with exceptional, finest and rare bloodlines.

                                   Our breeding based on fantastic international champions.


Quality before Quantity!





Healthy, strong dogs with typical features for their breed.

I run a responsible breed, see Prizes of my dogs. I take part in various trainings and exchange my experiences with other successful breeders. 


The health:

The heath of my animals is of the highest priority to me. The dogs are regularly and  prophylactically examined.

My acknowledgments to the vets and Zuchtwarte (dt.).


Comments about puppies:

Our dogs are born and live in our house. Our puppies will be given to the new owners at the age of 8-10 weeks with bloodline certificate and an –UE-Petpassport (Vaccination Pass).

They are wormed, inoculated, chipped, undergo a veterinary examination and are socialised.

                                 I will go on showing my best dogs under FCI to show the high level of

                                                                                  - standarts -.

                            There 's a reason why my dogs are placed very high or even win in the yearly ranking of


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